Underwater Artist (二木 あい・水中表現家)


Ai Futaki 二木 あい ©︎Isabel Muñoz
My life with the water began when I was three. 
After studying film and documentaries in California and Cuba, 
I discovered scuba diving. In 2007, 
finally introduced to apnea free-diving. 
At last final piece of the puzzle fell in place!

I am part of the water…, be ONE with the water. 
By using breath-hold diving as a tool to become the bridge 
between the underwater world and the human world.
 I share the harmony, beauty and symbiosis with the water.


2011 Guinness World Records

“The Longest Distance Swam in a Cave with One Breath”

  • with Fins 100m : the First Woman in the world

  • without Fins 90m : the Firest Human in the world



  • ISSEY MIYAKE photobook, exhibition “ISSEY MIYAKE 三宅一生” underwater model (photographed by Yuriko Takagi)

  • Discovery Channel Asia-Pacific program “Sea Whisperers” presenter

  • NHK (Japan’s national public broadcasting organisation)
 special program “Precious Blue” presenter : EP1 Sperm Whale, EP2 Orca, EP3 Dugong 

  • SONY α7s TVCM 

  • TED World Wide Talent Search Japan Finalist

  • TEDxTokyo 2012 speaker “The Water Connection” 

  • Blancpain photo book “Fifty Fathoms” 

  • Red Bull Magazine article “Extreme Free-diving”