Subaquatic Messenger (二木 あい・水族表現家)


©︎Isabel Muñoz

Ai Futaki Subaquatic Messenger

Ocean Ambassador by the Ministry of Environment, Government of Japan
mymizu Ambassador

Double Freediving Guinness World Record holder Ai Futaki is one of the very few people in the world who conveys the splendors of the sea to us in various.
She truly is part of the underwater world. By representing the aquatic realm in a way that the world has never seen, Ai Highlights the meaning and expression of the Human-Water connection. She is the bridge; She is the messenger from the sea.


2011 Guinness World Records

“The Longest Distance Swam in a Cave with One Breath”

  • with Fins 100m : the First Woman in the world

  • without Fins 90m : the Firest Human in the world


  • ISSEY MIYAKE photobook, exhibition “ISSEY MIYAKE 三宅一生” underwater model (photographed by Yuriko Takagi)

  • Discovery Channel Asia-Pacific program “Sea Whisperers” presenter

  • NHK (Japan’s national public broadcasting organisation)
 special program “Precious Blue” presenter : EP1 Sperm Whale, EP2 Orca, EP3 Dugong 

  • SONY α7s TVCM 

  • TED World Wide Talent Search Japan Finalist

  • TEDxTokyo 2012 speaker “The Water Connection” 

  • Blancpain photo book “Fifty Fathoms” 

  • Red Bull Magazine article “Extreme Free-diving”