Subaquatic Messenger (二木 あい・水族表現家)

【KANSEI project】インタビュー記事 / interview article vol.1

【KANSEI project】インタビュー記事 / interview article vol.1

What role does intuition play in your life? The body senses countless events before the brain knows to react. Which brings us to the importance of “sense perception”. The KANSEI Projects Committee is committed to designing illuminating sensory experiences in three-dimensional spaces.

Monthly Interview : Honing the Sixth Sense to Express the Underwater Miracle of Life

One glance at Ai Futaki’s website reveals she is unparalleled as an “underwater artist”. Whether it is coming face-to-face with a shark or swimming side-by-side with sea turtles and schools of fish, Futaki’s photographs and video footage are breathtaking. From Sipadan, Maldives, and Mexico to the freshwater caves where Futaki broke a Guinness world record, Futaki spends two-thirds of the year in oceans around the world. We interviewed her during her recent stay in Japan to hear about her work as an underwater artist, and about relying on her five senses in the deep blue sea.

KANSEI project Monthly Interview Vol.1

In addition to deepening our knowledge regarding the comprehensive workings of the five human senses, the KANSEI Projects Committee (KPC) focuses on the relationship between ma (people, time and space) to elevate the quality of a shared physical environment. In any space shared with others, the relationship between people greatly influences comfort level. In order to create a space that helps ease the tension of a critical meeting or negotiation, designing with participants in mind is key. Time refers to the differing pace between work and non-work days, and the many ways in which passage of time is felt by individuals. Each space we encounter is filled with elements that trigger our senses. We as consultants focus on the five senses and the element of ma (relationship between people, space and time), verifying sensory elements scientifically to identify ways to create the most comforting environment.

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