Subaquatic Messenger (二木 あい・水族表現家)

mymizu Ambassador

mymizu Ambassador

Meet our very first mymizu Ambassador; the one and only Ai Futaki (@aifutaki)! Ai is a Double Freediving Guinness World Record holder, and one of the very few people in the world who conveys the splendours of the sea in various ways including as an underwater video photographer, presenter and freediving instructor. When we first met Ai, we were blown away by her warm character, her remarkable art and underwater photography, and her achievements as a world-class freediver, but most of all, by her insistence that we reevaluate our relationship with nature. We shared both a sense of urgency about the decline of our natural environment, as well as a passion to make things better. So we were thrilled when she agreed to become our first mymizu Ambassador! Together, united by a shared vision and passion for our planet, we are creating a movement for a more sustainable world.

less plastic, more fun!
At mymizu, we’re on a mission to change everyday consumer behaviour, from unsustainable to environmentally responsible! Together, we’re building a world in which sustainable living is easy and fun!

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